Sure-Lok FE201122 GO2 Single Oxygen Tank Holder

The FE201122 is an adjustable personnel oxygen tank holder that attached to the vehicle L-Track Anchorage and provides secure attachment to the vehicle floor.  It prevents the O2 Tank from falling over or tipping but more importantly prevents the tank from becoming a projectile in the vehicle.

O2 Cylinder Holder meets Ambulance Manufacturers Division AMD Standard 003, Oxygen Tank Retention System

O2 Cylinder Holder meets up to date 2010 National School Transportation

Specifications & Procedures, Support Equipment and Accessories, B.3 and IEP – IFSP Process, Guidelines, E.11

The FE201122 Go2 Oxygen Tank Holder includes free shipping and sells for $285.00

FE201122 GO2 Oxygen Tank Holder


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