Wheelchairsecurements.com, a Division of Disabled Passenger Resources, is an Authorized US Dealer of Sure-Lok and Q’Straint Wheelchair Tie-Down Systems. Our huge volume of products and services ensure that our customers benefit with major discounts without compromising expertise or services. All of our Wheelchair Restraints and Tie-Down Systems, Occupant Restraints, and Wheelchair Accessories that we provide our customers have been tested and utilized by our staff in real life situations and have accommodated thousands of mobility equipment designs including Electric Wheelchairs, Power Wheelchairs and Scooters, Common wheelchairs and Portable Wheelchairs. More importantly, the Wheelchair Tie-Down and Occupant Restraint Systems that we provide our customers have been subjected to extensive government and industry testing that, when properly installed and utilized, provide maximum safety and security for the passenger. Our customers include the leading Senior Living Corporations, Municipal Airports, Paratransit Companies, School Districts, Shuttle Companies, Religious and Recreational organizations.

Our customers have relied on our expertise in outfitting Wheelchair Vans, Paratransit Buses, Wheelchair Lift Equipped School Buses and Wheelchair Lift Equipped Shuttle Vehicles with wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint systems that address safety, convenience and budget.

Our Training Division, Transfor Corporation, presents certificate based educational programs and seminars for drivers performing passenger carrier services. Our programs focus on the intricacies of providing transportation services for geriatric and disabled passengers. Our trainers are certified through numerous government agencies and industry affiliated organizations.

Every division within our organization is dedicated to the advancement of disabled transportations services. Every product in our catalog was carefully evaluated and selected for its merits in improving safety and extending opportunities to the disabled passenger with mobility challenges.

We ensure 100% satisfaction with a money back guarantee. Our Customer Service Representatives are available 24 hours a day.