Sure-Lok FE517S Manual Securement Kit with S Hook Attachment, L-Track Series

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Sure-Lok FE500 Series Manual Securement Kit with Overcenter Buckle Straps and S-Hook Attachment for Wheelchair Tie Down Attachment, L-Track Series Floor Anchorages.  Kit will not include the Occupant Restraint. Kit includes the following;

(2) FE200603RS  Overcenter Buckle Strap Assembly with S-Hook, Right Hand, L-Track

(2) FE200603LS  Overcenter Buckle Strap Assembly with S-Hook, Left Hand, L-Track


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The FE500 Manual Wheelchair Tie down System has been a proven, reliable option for the cost conscious for over twenty years. FE500 Systems provide users with a variety of securement options that include Cam Buckle Tie Downs, Overcenter Tie Downs, and Ratchet Buckle Tie Downs. The Cam Belts, utilized for securing the front of the wheelchair are efficient slack adjusting belts. The Overcenter belts and the Ratchet Buckle Tie Downs are Tensioning Belts that incorporate a D Ring for easy attachment of the Occupant Restraint Lap Belt. The FE500 System also provides the user with the option of utilizing a Parallel Lap Belt which attaches the attaches to the A-Track or L-Track anchorages on the vehicle floor. The Parallel Lap Belt secures the passenger independently from the Wheelchair Tie Down System.

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Product Manufacturer: Sure-Lok