M-201-L30 Q’Straint M Series Manual Belt System, L-Track

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The M-201-L30  M Series wheelchair restraint system is a cost effective manual wheelchair tie down system designed to satisfy strict budgets without compromising safety.

The M-201-L30 utilizes four Over-center Belts mounted for L-Track.  This product includes L-Track fitting but will not include the L-Track Floor Anchorages or Lap and Shoulder Belt.  The M-201-L30 Ships for Free and includes;

  • 4-Over-Center Belts (L-Track)


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Additional Description: The Q’Straint M Series manual wheelchair tie down system has been developed by Q’Straint as a cost effective solution to those that are faced with strict budget constraints without compromising passenger safety.  The wheelchair straps included in the M Series family include Cam Straps for the front and Over-center buckle straps that can be utilized for the front or rear in securing the wheelchair to the L-Track or A-Track Floor anchorage.  The M Series Cam Straps are designed to efficiently pull in the slack of the wheelchair webbing while the Over-center Buckle actually provide the tensioning.
Product Manufacturer: Qstraint