Q8-6201-L Q’Straint Single QRT Standard Retractor, L-Track

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The QRT Standard uses a single tension knob to tighten the wheelchair securement webbing once attached to the wheelchair. This design eliminates the Retractor orientation confusion of left, right, forward or backward. The low profile and compact design allow many wheelchair footrests to navigate over the QRT Standard Retractor without restriction. The QRT Standard is built with durable hardened steel and coated with zinc to resist corrosion.

The QRT Standard uses a J Hook for attachment of the webbing strap to a solid frame member on the wheelchair. The J hook will only require a quarter turn for attachment and will reduce the possibility of the webbing binding. The wheelchair securement webbing will release with the depression of the foot lease lever and will not require the operator to bend down to the floor.

The Q8-6201-L Sells for $105.00 and includes FREE Shipping

The QRT Standard is available in PLI L-Track, Slide-N-Click, A-Track and Floor Mount options and vehicle applications in Transit and ParaTransit, Community Transport, School Bus and Mini Bus and Mini Van.

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In order to ensure passenger safety, an occupant restraint lap and shoulder belt should be utilized. Q’Straint provides a variety of options in Combination Occupant Restraint and Regular Occupant Restraint. For Occupant Restraint Options Click Here.

The Q8-6201-L  is designed to operate with PLI L-Track Floor Anchorages and will not include a Combination Retractable Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt.  The Q8-6201-L will not include the Vehicle L-Track Floor Anchorage. This kit includes the following:

  • 1-Q8-6201-L QRT Standard Retractors (L-Track)
  • 1-Instruction Adhesive Label
  • 1-QRT Installation Instructions
  • 1-Instruction Guide for Operator

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Additional Description: The QRT Standard is a cost efficient, semi-automatic retractor wheelchair tie down system that addresses budget sensitivity without sacrificing safety. The operator tensions the QRT Standard Retractor with the Tensioning Knob. The QRT Standard incorporates many of the same features that are inherent in QRT MAX and QRT Deluxe.
Product Manufacturer: Qstraint