Q8-6200-A Q’Straint Single QRT Deluxe Retractor, A-Track

Short Description

The Q8-6200-A Is the QRT Deluxe self tensioning, automatic locking, wheelchair tie down system.  The QRT Deluxe allows the operator discretion in additional tensioning with dual knobs.  The QRT Deluxe Retractor provided in this product is mounted for A-Track Anchorages. This product will not include the A-Track Floor Anchorage.  This product includes:

  • 1-QRT Deluxe Retractor (A-Track)
  • Instruction Guide for Operator
  • Warranty Card (3 Year Manufacture Warranty)

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Additional Description: The Q’Straint QRT Deluxe wheelchair tiedown system is the original automatic locking, self tensioning wheelchair securement system. The QRT wheelchair tiedown retractors have incorporate dual tensioning knobs that allow the operator the discretion of further tensioning the wheelchair straps if desired. The QRT Deluxe Dual Knobs also eliminate the confusion of the left, right, forward backward position in the floor anchorage.
Product Manufacturer: Qstraint