Q’Straint Q5-6012-F Flange L-Track, 12″ Silver

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The Q5-6012-F  Flange L-Track is pre-drilled, Silver, 12" length and is flush mounted installation

Q’Straint Floor Anchorages provide a variety of options in both fixed and flexible styles to complete the 4-Point wheelchair tie down securement.

L-Track is the most widely used floor anchorage in the transportation industry due to its flexibility in accommodating various wheelchair positions. Q'Straint also uses a different alloy to provide you with superior strength and corrosion resistance.L-Track is the most widely used floor anchorage

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Additional Description: Q’Straint provides a variety of Wheelchair Tie Down Anchorage options to address any securement circumstance or challenge.  Proper Securement of the wheelchair is critical to passenger safety.  In a simulated 30 MPH crash test, a gravity force of 20 is generated which creates a force that is 20 times greater than the passenger weight to propel the passenger and wheelchair forward.  Q’Straint presents an array of both fixed wheelchair tie down and flexible wheelchair tie downs options for securing the wheelchair to the vehicle floor.
Product Manufacturer: Qstraint