Q’Straint Q5-7571-A1 Oval L-Track Floor Pocket, 1.25″ Bolt, FREE SHIPPING

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Q'Straint Q5-7571-A1


Q'Straint Q5-7571-A1 Oval L-Track is a Fixed point L-Track Anchorage that is mounted on the surface of the vehicle floor and requires only one bolt to easily, effectively and safely secure the wheelchair strap to the vehicle floor. The oval L-Track Floor Pocket includes all hardware for installation. The Bolt in incded in the Q5-7571-A is 1.25" long.

L-Track is the most widely used floor anchorage in the transportation industry due to its flexibility in accommodating various wheelchair positions. Q'Straint also uses a different alloy to provide you with superior strength and corrosion resistance.

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Product Manufacturer: Sure-Lok