FE200856HA Retractable Integrated Combination Belt Occupant Restraint with Height Adjustor.

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Retractable Integrated Combination Belt with Height Adjustor and snap hooks to attach lap belt to D-rings on rear wheelchair tie-down assemblies. A Velcro strap is provided to keep belt against the vehicle sidewall when not in use.  For use with Sure-Lok FE600 Retractor and FE500 Manual wheelchair tie down equipment.

The FE200856 is designed to allow the retractor to be installed on a sidewall rail, which is typically mounted 10” above the vehicle floor.

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Additional Product Information

The Integrated Combination Belt Occupant Restraint System combines both the Shoulder Belt and Lap Belt into a fully retractable unit. The automatic adjustability of the shoulder belt combined with the easy installation of the integrated Lap Belt result in an operational efficient, use friendly interface.

Sure-Lok provides customers with a full range of occupant restraint options that allow you to select the best choice for the user and vehicle layout. A Lap and Shoulder Belt is vital in ensuring the safety of your passenger; securing the wheelchair alone will not guarantee the safety of your passenger.