Complete Wheelchair Lift Safety Belt Restraint kit

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Complete Wheelchair Lift Safety Belt Restraint kit

to include:
(1) Front Wheelchair Restraint Front Belt
(1) Rear Wheelchair Restraint Front Belt


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Many people in wheelchairs are unaware of the potential hazards associated with public transportation especially with regard to the operation of the Wheelchair Lift. Disabled access in public transportation has come a long way over the last 20 years and is widely considered to be safe. Although accidents involving wheelchair lifts are not necessarily common, when they do occur the results are often tragic and depilating for the passenger. The vast majority of wheelchair accidents that occur on the Lift Platform are due to the wheelchair tipping / flipping backward or forward and in some cases falling completely off of the Wheelchair Lift Platform.

The best tool for preventing this potentially devastating accident is a Lift Safety Belt Restraint System. Although some Wheelchair Lift manufactures provide a Lift Safety Belt Restraint System as standard equipment on their ADA commercial buses and vehicles, unfortunately others do not. Having a vehicle retrofitted with a lift belt safety system can be both costly and time consuming.

The Access-AriZe Belt Wheelchair Lift Safety System was invented and as a result of a terrible accident on a para-transit vehicle, when a passenger using a wheelchair tipped off a lift on a bus falling 4 feet to the ground while still attached to his mobility device.

The Access-AriZe Belt Wheelchair Lift Safety System is installed in minutes without the need for any tools. The Lift Restraints can be purchased individually for the front or back or as a complete Wheelchair Lift Restraint Safety System.

The Access-AriZe Wheelchair Lift Restraint Safety System is certified through the Mine Safety Institute and tested to exceed 5000 lbs.

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Product Manufacturer: Access-Arize