Q-8300-A1-A QRT MAX Kit with Combination Integrated Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt Mounted for A-Track Floor Anchorages

The Q-8300-A1-A is the QRT MAX Kit that provides automatic locking and tensioning of the wheelchair securement straps.  The Q-8300-A1-A is mounted for A-Track Floor Anchorages and includes an Integrated Combination Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt. 

The automatic, self-tensioning feature developed and introduced by Q’Straint  was an innovation that vastly improved efficiency but more importantly enhanced mobility transportation safety.

The Operator will release the securement webbing by depressing the foot release lever and attach it to a solid frame member of the wheelchair.  The webbing will automatically retract into the QRT MAX and tension itself.  After securing all four attachment points to the wheelchair and floor anchorage, the operator will release the brakes of the wheelchair and move the wheelchair slightly forward and backward to further tension the straps with the automatic locking feature.  Automatic tensioning provides an additional layer of safety with the ability to address wheelchair movement or shift during normal transit operation.

Since the QRT MAX is an automatic tension wheelchair tiedown system,  no knobs are required to tension the securement straps.  The elimination of the tension knobs can potentially provide less interference with the wheelchair footrest as well as other components of the chair.  Additionally, no knobs eliminates any confusion with regard to forward, backward, left, or right retractor orientation in the vehicle floor anchorage.

The foot release lever allows the operator to release the wheelchair securement webbing without bending down to the vehicle floor.  The low profile design of the QRT MAX allows most wheelchairs to maneuver without interference and the QRT Max is manufactured with hardened steel for maximum durability and coated with zinc to resist corrosion.  

The Q-8300-A1-A is mounted for A-Track vehicle floor anchorages

The QRT MAX is well suited for transit and para-transit applications, including school bus, senior living, mini vans and buses.

The QRT MAX is available for L-Track, Slide-N-Click, A-Track and Floor Mount Vehicle anchorages.

The Q-8300-A1-A may require a 72 hour assembly time at the Q’Straint warehouse before shipping.

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Wheelchair Securements sells the Q-8300-A1-A sells for $425.00 and includes FREE SHIPPING.



Contact our Customer Service Team at cs@transforcorporation.com for quotes on larger quantity orders. 

We accept approved purchase orders. 

  • 4- Q8-6209-A QRT MAX Retractors (A-Track)
  • 1- Q8-6326-A1 Combination Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt
  • 1- Instruction Adhesive Label
  • 1- QRT Installation Instructions
  • 1- Instruction Guide for Operator
  • 1- Warranty Card (3 Year Manufacture Warranty)
  • 1- Free Shipping


The Q-8300-A1-A will not include the A-Track Floor Anchorages

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