Q’Straint Q8-6209-SC QRT MAX Single Retractor, Mounted for Slide-N-Click

The Q8-6209-SC Single QRT MAX Retractor mounted for the Slide-N-Click Anchorage is a fully automatic, self tensioning and automatic locking wheelchair tiedown system. The Q8-6209-SC Slide-N-Click Floor Anchorages are fixed point floor anchorages and easily connect to the bottom anchorages on the vehicle floor and will allow the Retractor to rotate 360 degrees.

The Q’Straint QRT MAX automatic tensioning and locking features eliminate the need for the tensioning knobs and the need for additional tensioning of the webbing straps.  The operator or occupant will move the wheelchair in a slightly forward and backward direction to tighten the webbing.

No knobs also addresses any confusion with left, right, rear, and front orientation of the QRT MAX Retractor and removes the potential for the knobs to interfere with wheelchair wheels and footrest.

The Foot Release lever will not require the operator to release the QRT MAX at floor level and the J hook attaches to the wheelchair with a quarter turn reducing the possibility of the webbing binding.  The QRT MAX is manufactured with hardened steel and a zinc coating is applied to reduce corrosion.

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Wheelchair Securements sells the Q8-6209-SC for $120.50 and includes FREE SHIPPING.



Contact our Customer Service Team at cs@transforcorporation.com for quotes on larger quantity orders. 

We accept approved purchase orders. 

The Q8-6209-SC includes the following:

  • 1 – Q8-6209-SC QRT MAX Retractor, Mounted for Slide-N-Click Anchorages
  • Instruction Adhesive Label
  • QRT Installation Instructions
  • Instruction Guide for Operator
  • Warranty Card (3 Year Manufacture Warranty)
  • Free Shipping

The Q8-6209-SC will not include the Q8-7580 Bottom Anchorage or Occupant Restraint

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