Q’Straint Q5-7580 Webbing Loop

The Q’Straint Q5-7580 Webbing Loop is an inexpensive solution for what has become the increasingly problematic challenge to find a suitable attachment point for a Wheelchair Tie Down strap to secure the wheelchair to the vehicle floor.  Due to the countless design variations from wheelchair manufactures, we often find it difficult to locate a proper location on the wheelchair to connect the wheelchair securement retractor or tiedown.

Improperly attaching the wheelchair securement can result in catastrophic consequences including complete disengagement of the wheelchair tiedown strap causing wheelchair backflip or permitting the wheelchair, by association, the passenger to become projectiles within the vehicle.

The Q’Straint Webbing Loop is an inexpensive accessory that can allow the operator to thread it through solid / ridged frame member location on a wheelchair.  Ideally, this location should be as close as possible to the wheelchair seat to provide optimal stability from the wheelchair tiedown 4-point restraint.  This location is often space compromised and may restrict an S Hook or J Hook from properly attaching to the wheelchair.  The Webbing Loop is also a bright blue color providing a clear optical reference of the wheelchair securement attachment point.  The Q’Straint Webbing Loop meets requirements of SAE J2249 and ISO 10542.

The most commonly utilized size webbing loop is the Q5-7580 which is a 14” length.  Q’Staint also provides a longer version; Q5-7580-6 which is a 20” length.


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